Friday, December 12, 2008

Mmm... Pizza Port

With the absence of true deep-dish Chicago-style pizza here in Carlsbad (well, at least for the next ten days until Grubby Pizza opens), we hit the 'Port.

iPhones + low light = fuzzy pix

Pizza Port has three locations in the area - downtown Carlsbad, Solana Beach and one in San Clemente (southern Orange County). Even though it was founded in 1987, it feels like a place from 1967. Crowded, noisy, and seating done via picnic tables, the Port serves up "tasty grub and grog" with a vintage surf decor. We ended up sharing our picnic table with two guys in their 20s.

A friend of mine, Adrien, turned us on to the joint as he had lived here years ago. Allie and I hit it back after moving here in September, but we took Celeste to her first visit tonight.

Being the only kid we've ever known to *not* like pizza, we simply told her we were going out to eat at "the Port" and that they had lots of choices. Well, she ended up settling for a small pizza (with pineapple and Canadian bacon - her first Hawaiian pizza) and ate most of it. And loved it. Allie and I chose spinach and artichokes on our pie.

Classic California-style doughy crust and (sadly) cut into squares, the Port dishes out a mean pizza. Multiple thumbs up.

Oh, the beer's pretty good too.


Dongoose said...

I'm wordless...How can she not like pizza?

Green Laker said...

She's just a different kid. In a good way of course.