Thursday, December 18, 2008

Baja Bus!

Ever since I caught wind that my friend Bill was selling his VW Type 181 "Thing", I've been spending far too much time over at The Samba, checking out sweet air-cooled V-dubs. Yes, I've been bitten by "the bug" again. Maybe it was after I took a big whiff of Squareback interior a few weeks ago. Of course it's all daydreaming at this point as we still need to unload our Madison-area home.

Last night I stumbled upon the handsome beast at

who needs windshield wipers in So Cal?

How much fun would this be? A lot for me, that's for certain. A very unique ride that would be great for cruising around North County. All I'd need to do would be to add a bike rack. Aw screw it, just put the bike(s) in the back. Another feature would be listening to Celeste flip out and complain the whole time about it being "TOO WINDY!!!"

Check out the front "door" - tubular cromoly.

The motor, according to the seller is a "strong runner"- a built 2 liter. The '68 Westfalia bus we had in Boulder was saddled with a 48 HP 1600cc single port engine that struggled to accelerate to even 60 MPH. My parents shed many tears of joy when I sold the bus to some east coast hippie kid.

Me and my shiny bald head tinkering with "Sally", our '68 Westy, circa 2000.

Original dash w/ tweeter speakers replacing the un-needed fresh air vent.

Best of all, this creampuff is already in Southern California. Check it out here for more pix and info - only $9500 - OBO of course. But don't buy it, unless you plan on placing the title under the tree for me next week. You can throw a nice bus-sized VW emblem in my stocking if you like.

Do. Want. In a very twisted sort of way.

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Doubledrumlin said...

Yeah, I remember when you sold your bus as it wasn't all "hippied" out. second hippy comment this week. People will get the wrong idea!