Saturday, December 6, 2008

Scavenger Hunt - Christmas Tree Time

Seeing that the calendar was telling us that it's December, we hopped in Allie's car to head out to grab our xmas tree.

We've been a live tree (well, technically a slowly-dying tree) household all along. Plastic trees are just so, um, blech to us. Most of the time we've gone out and trudged around in a snowy field and cut our own, that's by far our favorite way of acquiring said tree.

Well, things are a little different in Southern California. There aren't Christmas tree farms out in the country (but we do have avocado farms). We pointed Allie's car south to Encinitas to pick a tree from America's largest retailer of fresh trees - Home Depot.

Surprisingly the trees looked pretty good and were fresh. Plus, they weren't treated with that awful bluish-green paint that's so prevalent with pre-cut trees.

Roll the photos...
Noble fir, about as tall as me
Waitin' in line, Celeste with yet another Webkinzzzz
A nice welcoming sign. At least the HD guys assigned to tree duty seemed to be enjoying themselves.
I can't say that I had ever gone tree hunting wearing shorts prior to today, 72 and sunny (again)
All done!

Sadly the HO train won't fit around the tree. The brick from the fireplace limits how far over the track will slide on one side while the TV cabinet interferes on the other side.

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commenting because ou asked for it.another 6" today they say, looks like you are getting all settled in.