Monday, December 1, 2008

Vintage Green Lake Postcard

As I had threatened to do in a previous post, here goes with the first scan of my vintage postcards.

I believe this was the first one I bought, about fifteen years ago. Sandstone Bluffs is a little over a mile west of my Grandparent's old place on Green Lake, Wisconsin - my brother and I used to row down to the rocky beach pictured in my grandparent's tippy cream yellow fiberglass Forester canoe.

The "Queen of the Lake" was built by Norton Boat Works of Green Lake in the early 1900s. After "many years" of use, the boat was eventually scuttled.

There are now a couple of piers that begin on this beach; they popped up about twenty years ago.

Back side:
Hello Uncle
I am having a fine trip.


Doubledrumlin said...

Visania wasn't much for words, was she/he?

Green Laker said...

Most of my postcards are that way - very brief. The text messages of the early 20th century.