Saturday, December 13, 2008

Vintage Green Lake Postcard

Another boring postcard in a boring series.

This one is an image "east of Sherwood Forest" on Green Lake, WI.

Postmarked July, 3 PM (no year is listed, but I know it's 1909 as I have another postcard from the same sender and being sent to the same recipient a few months later - both have the same stamp).

Mr John Davis
Earlville Ill
box 278

Dear friend John I recieved (sic) you (sic) card and was glad to here (sic) from you so soon. I don't get much time to write to any one we have to work so hard. how is your father is he any better. I had a long boat ride Sunday. Well there isnt much to write about so will have to say good by (sic) Bella*

At least this writer had more to say than Visiana did in the last postcard.

*I can't make out the name on either post card, so I'm naming the sender "Bella"

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