Monday, December 28, 2009

Field Trip - Coronado Beach

Instead of battling crowds for unsold cheesy holiday cards and ugly wrapping paper, we drove down to San Diego to bust out of our small Carlsbad home. Originally intending to visit the S.D. Zoo, we decided against once we checked out the overcrowded parking lot. Off in the distance was the Coronado Bay Bridge, so we headed westward.
Hotel Del Coronado

We were fortunate enough to find a perfect beach-front parking spot - right at the "A" in man-made dune.
And since snow is in very short supply in San Diego, Celeste had to make do with creating sand angels (sorry, I forgot that you can't video when holding the camera in un-rotatable "portrait" mode):

Once Celeste was done with the sand angels, she set her sights on the multitude of seagulls.

If we had gone to an Australian beach, our pix would look like this.

Celeste's wind break

The sun hid behind the clouds, taking any remaining warmth out of the air...

... so we headed back home. But not before I was able to snag a shot of this sweet van:
May I be so lucky as to have the owner share his customizing tips.


Jesse said...

I wish I'd known a badger stater was in town, I'd have taken you out for a beer and a slice of pizza and lied about seeing the hodag.

Jesse said...

And then I read through more of your blog and realized your profile pic of Wisconsin misdirected me to think you were blogging from, and visiting from Wisconsin... when you are right here in San Diego. If you are ever up for a beer and a slice, lemme know


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