Friday, December 11, 2009

Save The Gobbler!

An article from the Wisconsin State Journal, posted today, has announced that the venerable The Gobbler Supper Club building is up for auction Saturday the 12th.

A masterpiece of mid-century modern kitsch, The Gobbler was built to resemble a turkey.

It's also a fantastic landmark along I-94 between Milwaukee and Madison. While I never had the fortune of being able to dine at such an extravagant establishment, I always made certain to check out the low-slung building, sitting empty in a sea of asphalt.

I sure hope that the building is spared from the wrecking ball (unlike the motel wing, which was intentionally torched by the Johnson Creek Fire Department back in 2001). Enjoy this groovy tour of the establishment in it's heyday. If those shag-covered walls could talk.

Here's a great TV spot for the Gobbler I posted just about a year ago:

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