Thursday, December 3, 2009

Building The Bike - Part I

Even though I'm several months and several thousands of dollars away from throwing a leg over my future dream ride, I've already started accumulating the shiny bits that will be integral to making this bike special.

I plan on transferring the handlebar, stem, saddle, pedals and bottle cages over from the plastic bike, meaning that I already have a small head start on the new bike. However, today marked the very first purchase of an elemental component.

Cane Creek 110 headset

A headset. Yes, a headset. Or more accurately, an A-Headset®. One that retails for $130. Ninety eight grams of 7075 T-6 aluminum, CNC machined in Fletcher, North Carolina and incorporating impeccably smoove bearings, a brilliant silver anodized finish and an unmatched 110 year warranty. Yessir, this headset is destined to become a family heirloom. I bet someday Celeste will hand it down to a grandchild for use on his HøverBike 3000®. But not before it's been used by me over tens of thousands of beautiful road miles.

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