Sunday, December 6, 2009

Decade - Favorite Records of the Zips, Pt 2 - 2001

December's off to a fast start, with one week of it almost gone. Since I'm planning on boring my reader(s) with my favorite records of the decade that's coming to a close, I may as well fire up another post - my favorite music from 2001

Note - I goofed up the first post, listing a record that was actually released in April of 1999 as my favorite record of 2000. I'm now double-checking all of the release dates prior to hitting the PUBLISH POST button.

Drive-By Truckers - Southern Rock Opera

Eight years on and I still love this record, it has definitely become one of my all-time favorites. A fantastic double-disc set about the South and, specifically, southern rock. Intelligent, ambitious, earnest and flat-out rawkin'. Turn it up, especially "Let There Be Rock". It's doubtful that the (still great) DBT will be able to top this.

Grant-Lee Phillips - Mobilize

Radiohead - Amnesiac

The Shins - Oh, Inverted World

Gillian Welch - Time (The Revelator)

Whiskeytown - Pneumonia

The White Stripes - White Blood Cells
So, only six made the grade for favorites, making '01 a leaner year. However, all six are utterly fantastic. As I had previously mentioned, some years have richer harvests.

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