Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Down on the Street

I spied a couple of interesting machines that were straight outta the sixties on my short journey to Costco on Sunday. First up - an original Mini Cooper:
I followed this little Brit for a couple of miles, envious of it's fun efficiency and diminutive size - especially when compared to the van I was driving. The seating position of the van was at the roofline of the Mini.

It wasn't until it came to a stop that I discovered the rusty sills. Yep, the tinworm is taking its toll on Sir Alec Issigonis' masterpiece.

One of the few open spots at Costco was next to a car most likely to survive a nuclear holocaust - a late-60s Dodge Dart.
Powered by the insanely indestructible Slant Six, this Dart likely has half a million miles on it.
These all but disappeared on rust-belt roads 25 years ago. The body is battered but it's still pretty-much cancer-free.

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