Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Gear Coming Outta My Ears

I'm amazed just how much "stuff" we've loaded into Klaus the WonderVan. Off the top of my head, it reads something like this...

1 4-person tent (yeah, we could all cram into the van, but tents are fun)
3 sleeping pads
3 sleeping bags
3 pillows
2 Mexican blankets
1 camp lantern (battery powered)
3 camp chairs
1 3 D-cell Maglight flashlight
1 large cooler
1 camp stove
2 small propane bottles
3 dish, cup and utensil sets
2 small titanium stock pots (at least they're lightweight)
1 really cool new camp cookset
food (I could make an entire boring list of that alone)
1 car GPS unit
1 California Gazetter
1 US atlas
2 iPods
2 cell phones
1 laptop computer
1 external hard drive
1 digital SLR camera
2 digital point-and-shoot cameras
3 Electra bicycles
1 hitch-mounted bike rack
3 helmets
1 jug o' water
1 small rolling duffle
1 large rolling duffle
1 day pack
1 juvenile day pack
2 bodyboards
1 beach umbrella
1 pile of reading materials
4 Webkinzzz stuffed animals
1 4500 lb van into which to put it all

Of course I'm certainly missing many of the other things we packed for the trip. Man, when did it get so complicated to "get away from it all"?

I'm still looking forward to the trip. Maybe I should try to fit the kayaks on the roof. Hmm...

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