Saturday, July 11, 2009

Another Day, Another Tree

Celeste has really been in to climbing trees lately - just as I was when I was her age. So even though I was dog tired Friday evening after a long week at work (thankfully at a job I love), I happily obliged when she asked to go out hunting for good trees to climb. Most of the trees out here are pretty slender and not that tall - no nice canopies to be found. So we hopped on our Electra Hell Betty tandem and pedaled to a local park. Well, I did most of the pedaling, she mostly rode with her feet planted on the bike's top tube.
what time is it? tree:30.

The park was somewhat of a bust as far as good climbing trees are concerned, but we did find three fresh tennis balls for Juno, the World's Fattest Lab. And I got a great smile out of my grrrl when she did find one decent tree.

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