Thursday, June 14, 2012

Hamburg Pix, pt. I

A few shots taken while visiting Hamburg Germany for a sales meeting.

Path around der Außenalster:
Docks on der Außenalster:
Evening sailing:
Pet shop
 Coffee shop beggar:
Electra office dog Wallace:
 Building w/the Electra GmbH office:
My workstation for the day:
...and the view looking up:
Third Reich stamps for sale (€780 for the collection):

Overpriced whimsical art lamp (€480):
 German sweets:
Interesting graffiti

Chromed-out, street-legal, 50cc monkey bike:
Cool garage:
Deserted streets at 10PM as everyone was inside watching die grove Fußball game:
 Deep haus:


Anonymous said...

We like!
xo Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

We like
xo Mom and Dad

Anonymous said...

Nice pic Chris

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