Saturday, June 23, 2012

Down On The Street

Spotted in the village of Rancho Santa Fe this morning (the same place I shot these cars months ago), was this unassuming Porsche 356.
Get a little closer and the details start to emerge. Like fog lamps integrated into the bodywork:
A beautiful Continental Badge:
And a 1500 SUPER-adorned engine lid 'round back:
It's a 1955 356 1500 Super Coupe. Equipped with Porsche's first true racing motor - 1488ccs with an output of 70 HP. This example underwent a meticulous three year restoration and is perfect in every sense of the word.
"beehive" taillamps

The photos do not do the color justice. A subtle sand beige over red. It's also equipped with a sunroof.
Check out the vintage rally stopwatches on the glovebox  lid.

According to the owner, this car participated in rallies from new, which explains the timepieces and axillary lamps. If I could ever manage to afford a 356, I'd want it to look exactly like this one. Well, I might swap the chromed wheels for a set painted silver or body color.