Sunday, June 24, 2012

Prototyp Automuseum Hamburg, pt. II

Part two of four, photos from the astoundingly cool Prototyp Automuseum in Hamburg.

Borgward Hansa 1500 Sport-Coupé:
According to the placard,  only three of these were built as show cars for exhibitions.
 This car is based on the Le Mans race car from 1953
 rear window decal
 Glöcker-Porsche, built by Frankfurt Porsche dealer Otto Glöcker on a 356 chassis:
Bizzare-yet-cool greenhouse and doors:
hood-mounted badge
 Porsche 6-cylinder racing engine details. 
 Dannenhauer & Stauss VW Spezial:
 Approximately 100 of these coach-built VWs were made between 1951-57. Only 19 survive.
NSU Weltrekordwagen , weighing in at all of 290kg (638 lbs) and powered by a 500cc engine. Top speed was 261 km/h (162 MPH).

 elemental cockpit
Petermax Müller Weltrekordwagen:
 painted-on registration and integrated lamps are so very cool
 hand-formed raw aluminum bodywork
 a few more gauges than the NSU above, plywood floorin
rear-view mirror
BMW-Sauber F1.07. Not sure why this was here, but it was striking nonetheless:
 Porsche somethingorother that I failed to get information on:
you can never go wrong with silver over red
And one of the coolest static driving simulators I've seen:
 The pedals, steering and floor shifter were all connected to the computer.

Parts three and four will follow soon...


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