Saturday, June 23, 2012

Prototyp Automuseum Hamburg, pt. I

Part one of the photos taken at the sublime Prototyp Automusuem in Hamburg. The museum focuses on hand-built and prototype German cars. I took well over 200 pix here, enough to burn through a good chunk of my phone's remaining memory, along with 2/3 of the battery. Here's the first part. (Sheesh, when did this turn into a car blog anyway?)
 Mathé Universal shop truck and hand-built racer:
 Period skis and other artifacts inside
Toboggan and skis up top:
Inspection decals:

Otto Mathé developed special lubricants to prolong oil change intervals. Apparently he was also a race car builder/sponsor.

Mathé Fetzenflieger MA01:
Porsche power:
Nose-mounted tach:
Shop bike (finally a two-wheeler):
Denzel 1500S

Built by Wolfgang Denzel, his first roadsters were based on the VW Kübelwagen chassis.
 Porsche TAG Turbo F1 engine, circa 1983-87:
 80° V6, twin turbo, 1498cc
Developed 900 bhp at 13,000 RPM

Polensky Monopoletta F3 racer:
 Powered by a BMW twin motorcycle engine:
Repair/restoration shop:
VW US Army Käfer
 note the VW embossing at the top of the taillamp
 meaty rubber
 naturally it's a split window

 Original KdF (Kraft durch Freude - "strength through joy") brochure:
KdF pins
 VW Papler Polizeikäfer:
Spartan accomodations:
A four-door Beetle:
Signal lamp:
 No creature comforts here:
Type 1 engine cutaway:
 VW toys:
 Camo'd and cool typography:
 Original Mercedes-Benz advertising art:
 More two-wheeled love:
 Plenty more to come...


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