Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pix From Jakarta

A few photos taken in Jakarta (Tangerang), Indonesia a few weeks ago. Many taken from behind the dusty windshield of a moving car.

Ramadan rules:
 Sun rises over a rice paddy on a hot morning:
 Food cart:
 Interesting storm drain:
 Airy eatery:
 Probably the nicest hotel pool I've used while traveling for business:
 Concrete crocodiles:
Hotel statuary:

 Angkots (aka "crap cabs"), they serve as a city bus or sorts:


 Factory cats:

 Interesting factory details (interesting to me at least):

 Another rice paddy:
 Street vendor:
 Used motorcycle parts shop:
 Furniture shop:
 Loaded for delivery:
 School girls:
 Muslim mom, note bird on handlebar:
 Muslim mom II:
 Koolest Kid in Jakarta:
 Compared to Taiwan, Indonesians prefer larger-wheeled two wheelers:


Anonymous said...

I always love you travel photos!
XO, Mom

Anonymous said...

Oops! Make that YOUR travel photos!!