Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Hamburg Pix, pt. II

Electra GmbH office dog Elmo:
Moped gas cap:
Funny in any language:
Passing another tour boat on the Osterbekkanal:
Tour boat control panel:
Deck chairs, die Bucht bar:
Hamburg station:
Bäckerei Brezeln:
Hamburg city crest, as done in the medium of Lego:
How Hamburgers say "good morning":

Old buoy:
Wavy bricks - this looked pretty trippy in person:
Prototyp auto museum (more on this amazing place later):
Apparel store light display:
Saint Nikolai Memorial, built 1845-74, destroyed during WWII:

Stereotype (note flowers in basket):
Bier Bikes, I am seeing them far more frequently in Germany:
Flea market:
Flea market wares:
 Flea market beater bikes:
Outrageous octopus:
Fantastic Frenchies:
The famous Große Freiheit in the Reeperbahn. This is the street where the club that The Beatles honed their craft in the early 60s:

Beatles monument:
John, George, Ringo & Paul
 I assume this represents Stuart Sutcliff
Hafen City:
More trains:
Lufthansa Hamburg Senator Room outdoor deck:
 StadtRad (city bike), my daily rental:
Control tower, Heathrow (not Hamburg):