Saturday, February 4, 2012

Just Another Day in Rancho Santa Fe

The Rich Guys Car Club®* was out in full force this morning in Rancho Santa Fe's town square.
 That electric green Porsche? Yep, a $190k GT3RS,
parked behind this out-of-place ragtop Beetle...
 ...which was behind this ≈$190k Mercedes-Benz SLS
 ...which in turn was parked behind another one.
And in front of the brown SLS? An original, black-plate 427 Cobra.
Halibrand magnesium knock-offs (w/safety wires) always look good on Cobras

Pity the poor, boring yellow Cayman parked across the street.
 I'll take the E-Type.
A ≈$250k Bentley Brooklands:
 BMW 2002tii:
 Mustang GT350:

 Another GT3RS, I prefer this color:


 GT3RS scoop detail

Ferrari 308, Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder, 900 Turbo, yawn.
 MG, Aston Martin, another Ferrari (575 Maranello?)

*I don't know what this cars-and-coffee type of meet is really called, that's just my name for it.


Brian said...

Of all the cars, I am in awe of the finish on that gray GT3, it looks the trees are painted on it.

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