Sunday, February 26, 2012

Down On The Street - Two-fer

Two interesting cars spotted on the streets of North San Diego County during the short road ride I did this morning.

Up first is this pleasant Pinzgauer:
This is probably my favorite military vehicle that I could someday see myself owning. Purposeful, European, forward-control, boxy, goofy-looking. Yep, it checks all the boxes.
A row of seats is bolted in the bed under the canvas top. Another good rig for patrolling the wilds of Carlsbad in.
Some details:

Interested in buying one? Click on over to Cold War Remarketing. Far cooler than a similarly-priced new Kia.

About an hour later, this little red coupe caught my eyes.
A 1974 Alfa Romeo.
The man-eating serpent logo makes for what is arguably one of the coolest automotive badges ever:
And classic Alfas always had interesting shift lever placement.
I'd happily carve out a corner of the garage for this.