Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Super Cool 1960s Boat Brochure Art

I love 1950s and 60s boats, and some of the art from the era's brochures from the were oh-so cool:

 More of this here.


Anonymous said...

What kind of boat is the lower boat or where did you get the pic i own the same boat and im trying to figure out what its called my name is chris.

Unknown said...

Hi Chris!
That kind of boat DID exist. There was a Latin version of James bond (the name was Alex Dinamo) and on his first movie he attacks a large boat in a boat just like the one on the drawing.
This is the movie I am talking about. The boat comes at on the last 10 minutes (minute 1:14:10) but it's best if you watch it whole. It's in Spanish, but those girls in bikini... wow !!!

Unknown said...

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shouab said...

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AK Blogger said...
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