Saturday, April 28, 2012

Heywood-Wakefield Dining Room

Found today: a vintage Heywood-Wakefield server/buffet that matches the drop-leaf dining table and chairs that we picked up a couple of months ago.
With sharper angles and less-radiused corners, these pieces definitely have more of a Danish influence than the more-common (and more-desired) Heywood-Wakefield pieces.
Amazingly all of this furniture was found in Carlsbad, just down the street from one another. And both the dining set and the server were originally in Heywood-Wakefield's "sable" shade of brownish grey; and both were refinished a more typical brown in the past. The finish on the table and chairs is definitely better than the amateur job that the server saw, but both look good for now. We'll probably have all of the pieces refinished sometime in the future. The early-70s yellow corduroy-ish chair cushions will be recovered as well, likely with a proper Heywood-Wakefield covering.

Next up is finding a suitable chandelier to hang above the table. I love everything about this one...

 ...except the price tag.


so said...

i love that stuff
i have a H end table--love it

Mom said...

Really nice! Looks like lots of room to store things, too. I will send boxes full of fancy dining things to fill it! (just say the word!) xoxo

emily b said...

Fantastic score! Love it.

Anonymous said...

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