Sunday, April 15, 2012

Garage Project Update

After sitting in hibernation for nearly four years, the old garage receiver and CD player were wired up and tested out today.

The Nikko NR-750 (with "Quartz Lock"!) receiver was bought new in 1985 with money earned from caddying. Resplendent with 80s styling (and a power level meter), this 48 watt/channel, made in Japan receiver is still running strong. These days the tape input is used for playing the iPod. The barely-used CD player was a hand-me-down from my father in law when they relocated years ago.

The audio goodness comes through a pair of Alpine 6x9 three-ways.
These were last mobile when used in the trunk of my long-departed Subaru Justy.

Hiding in the eaves and providing sound to the courtyard is a pair of indoor/outdoor speakers that I had originally bought for use in our backyard in Libertyville, IL ten years ago.
Hope I don't annoy the neighbors *too* much with these.

And making it all happen were the additional outlets that the garage now has (previously mentioned here).
(heavy-duty outlets were used next to work benches)

Three were added in the trusses...
 ...these power the super-bright fluorescent fixtures that have been far nicer than I had anticipated. And the outlet above the shelf that the stereo is placed on powers the stereo too.
 There are just a few more things that I need to pack away/get rid of before the garage is dialed.


Anonymous said...

Time for a good old-fashioned 50's stlye garage party!
I'll bring the crepe paper! xo

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