Friday, March 30, 2012

Latest Project

A 19', 9" wide x 20' deep two car garage - part of our new Carlsbad town home.


After (excuse the horrible photos - there was not a lot of light at 6:30 AM):

Improvements so far include drywall, wall paint (eggshell finish), floor epoxy, two new four bulb fluorescent fixtures, five additional outlets (three in the trusses to power the two pictured lamps and one above where my workbench will be - no lamp shown). 

I can't take credit for the drywall work, due to time constraints* I had it done by an excellent crew of day laborers. One guy hung the drywall, another came by and taped and a third did a fantastic job matching the light texture that was on the existing, 37 year-old drywall and blending the sections together. It's really tough to spot the transition. 

I still have to paint the door and add some finishing trim around it. An access door for the cable junctions will be built for the large opening seen in the first image. I may add baseboards as well. But those will have to wait as I still also need some shelving and possibly some wall cabinets. Oh, and to move all of my crap in as well. Here's hoping I can cram it all in. 

*thanks to the fuckwad mortgage broker who sat on his ass for a few additional days and delayed our closing date by a week. I hate you. 

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Anonymous said...

Looks like the beginnings of a man cave!