Tuesday, March 13, 2012

More Taipei

More Taipei randomness from some time spent out on the streets.

Some street doggies:

 (first time I've seen a Labrador retriever in Taiwan)
 Some Engrish:
 Angry onion:
Grocery store goodies:
 Seafood, Japanese-style oatmeal
Night Market treats:
Night market shirts with Engrish:

(actually French-ish)

1960 VW American
Germany's Volkswagen used its Czech
Subsidiary Skoda to start 

Full of dueaors
And full of Hopeb

I'm not even going to attempt this one.

Linsanity is on full display in the island nation.
A friend bought this for his son. Cost = NT$100 (about US $3.20)

Vintage Sneakers
Have I forgotten something?
new sneakers from my beloved
These Shoes Seen Everything
Here I Go Again On My Own, Going Down The Only Road I've
Only Road I've Ever Know, Like A Drifter I Was Born To Walk

*the last three lines were poorly ripped from a horrible hit from the horrible band Whitesnake

Funnys Smiker on the subway

Homies For Life
(I've been called "Homie" or "Holmsey" by some for a large part of my life)

Dumpling man from the excellent Din Tai Fung dumpling restaurant.
Giant luumber ball (about 8' tall), in the Grand Hyatt Taipei lobby

One view of a grey Taipei from the rooftop garden of the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall:
And another:

Taipei 101:
Distracted cabbie (GPS, dash cam, dash TV):
Beware of aggressive blue crabs in this elevator:
This waitress' English name was "Doggy":
 Dolce & Garbana?
Year of the Dragon:


Anonymous said...

Love the "translations"!

Keith said...

Ah yes, the Kinkcs. LOLA has always been one of my favorite songs.

Whitesnake rokcs! \m/ \m/