Monday, March 19, 2012

SpringSongs, Pt. I

Another season, another series to bore my three readers with...

I could just simply say listen to nothing but Talk Talk’s intimate and lush The Colour Of Spring and XTC’s career highlight, the flawless Skylarking (both of which were released in 1986), but I’m not going to cop out with such easy picks.

I know it's quite cliché, but for me a SpringSong can be compromised of tranquil and impenetrable lushness or can conjure up imagery of  frantic, sudden and  calamitous storms – the kind that would often send me and my classmates scurrying to the perceived shelter of a long inner corridor in my Central IL elementary school. Other Spring Songs are breezy and lilting, reminiscent of throwing open all of the house windows on a warm March afternoon. The first selection, Nature Boy by Chicago’s The Sea And Cake is from the latter.

And lyrically somewhat nonsensical, but alive with spring imagery.

Some play in the sun you're breathless
You're laughing
Rain is salt it's matchless
Stay on into the sun
It passes on
Came on into the sun
We lost we lost your name
We don't knot tied up and down
Knots tied up and down
Prickly right after sleep
Breathless here false of bloom
Throw me into the sun
I'm in love with the sun
Up and down I should care
When I'm into the sun
Here comes the reddening
Watching all of the blooms
Would I lie what's your name
What's your name
I built this song
Sleeping under a low bridge
Breathing a truck passes by
Several coins in my homely pocket
Some brave some not
I should care
Soft spoken disagreeable
Another shift rolling passes
I count the hours on my watch
Ah here comes the reddening

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