Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Down On The Street

Pedaling down Carlsbad Blvd. (aka Coast Highway) on this misty morning, this searing yellow Giallo Modena Ferrari definitely caught my eye. I've seen it buzzing around Carlsbad the past few months, but it has always been in motion - until now.
So naturally I had to stop and whip out the camera/phone. Even though I'm not a big Ferrari fan, I do appreciate the storied cars. This one is a new 458 Italia, with a base price of about $230k. You want the "Scuderia Ferrari" fender badging? Cough up an additional $1600 (or 80% of a 21 year-old Miata).
 Gigantic carbon composite rotors, squeezed by oversized calipers.
 And the masterpiece under glass.