Sunday, April 8, 2012

Hidden Woods, Carlsbad

Having recently moved in to a 37 year-old townhome that was previously occupied by the original owner, I hoped to unearth some of the original sales materials somewhere in the property.

Unfortunately they were nowhere to be found, but our next door neighbor, another original owner, came thorough this afternoon and walked this over.

Straight outta '75...
"Elm", now known as Carlsbad Village Drive, didn't go all the way through to El Camino Real when this place was developed. And from the looks of it, there wasn't an interchange at I-5 and Elm at that point either.

Now a floorplan. Our unit is similar, but mirror image and Celeste's bedroom is in the area labeled "open to dining room" as the unit was built with four bedrooms.
Our lower level bedroom (labeled "bedroom 3 above) is the studio/office and had the closet doors removed long ago.

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