Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Bob Baker VW Show

Some hastily-shot iPhone pix from an air-cooled VW show at a local dealer last weekend.
glorious Ghia

 pair o' things
 pre-'58 pressed bumper 23-window Samba
 baja Ghia
 hacked splitty
 brick paneling - WTF??
 1970s paint job
ratty splitty...
 ...riding on Porsche "phone dials"
 clean Squareback
 beefy Beetle
 912 motor (?)
 '68 Westfalia, showroom fresh
 Puma kit car
 Speedster and 550 kit cars
 another oval
 well-accessorized (over-accessorized?)  '51 split window

 cool spotlight/mirror combo

 down-on-the-street doka


Brian said...

WOW! There are some inpressive VW's there my friend. I like the "Rats" personally, but any would be welcomed in my garage.

Jesse said...

Wow... Great gallery, and on a cell phone? My compliments!

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