Monday, May 28, 2012

Down On The Street

Whenever I ride through the north end of Solana Beach, my eyes always take in the cars sitting on the lot of California Import Auto. I've shot a number of cars in front of this shop and featured them here. Including this crusty VW Bus and this Renault R8S. Here's another rear-engined Renault that I captured with pixels on Saturday morning.

Even cooler than the R8S is this Alpine A110, semi-obscured by a wind-blown car cover.
This is only the second of these storied rally machines that I've laid eyes on. The first one I saw in person was last year in Stuttgart.

Tidy tail...
...with great vent scoops:
 Great gauges in an otherwise minimalist interior:
Only the French can pull off three-lug wheels:
But my favorite details were the vintage (or at least vintage-style) decals:
 Both would make great t-shirt art. Hint, hint...
 And two cars down was this Doka.
 Look familiar? I posted it back in Feb '11 when I caught it out at Elfin Forest. Pretty sure it's owned by an employee/owner of the shop as it's frequently out front.