Sunday, October 16, 2011

Down On The Street

Another one to put in the "I think this is the first of it's breed I've seen in person" file.
Another Gallic sedan, this time a Renault 8S, resplendent in French Blue. As a sucker for most forms of auxiliary lighting, I love the factory-installed inboard high beams that the "S" model received:
Venting on the decklid helps prove that it's powered by an air cooled, rear-mounted engine:
And if the Wikipedia entry is correct, the air-cooled lump has a displacement of 1108ccs and squeezes out 59HP. That's a better specific output than VWs of the era.
3-lug/13" wheels, yes please. The wood-rimmed wheel and nylon door pulls are also keepers.
Overall it's a much more-sporting than the last Renault I featured.