Sunday, May 6, 2012

Down On The Street - Air-Cooled German Two-Fer

This was sitting in the parking lot of the Encinitas Community Center on Saturday afternoon.
It's a 23-window deluxe Samba, but way overdone for my tastes.
Metallic paint just ain't right in this application. It was nicely applied though. And the owner did add some ├╝ber-cool "safari" windows.
Yep, this Bus is definitely Leucadia material. Surprised that I haven't seen it out and about until now.

The seats and door panels need a good coat of fire.

Blech, too much contrived junk in there...
 ...but the luggage rack is cool
 Up next is a sweet Porsche 914 that I parked next to this afternoon.

 It's definitely a sharp ride, both inside...
 ...and out:
Not considering the much-higher value of the Bus, I'd rather have the Porsche in my garage. Which German air-cooled VW (or glorified VW) would you prefer?


Anonymous said...

I've talked to the owner of the VW. It's not an original Samba...he had the windows cut out. I'd pick the Porsche any day over the Samba replica ;)

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