Sunday, May 6, 2012

Down On The Street - Air-Cooled German Two-Fer

This was sitting in the parking lot of the Encinitas Community Center on Saturday afternoon.
It's a 23-window deluxe Samba, but way overdone for my tastes.
Metallic paint just ain't right in this application. It was nicely applied though. And the owner did add some ├╝ber-cool "safari" windows.
Yep, this Bus is definitely Leucadia material. Surprised that I haven't seen it out and about until now.

The seats and door panels need a good coat of fire.

Blech, too much contrived junk in there...
 ...but the luggage rack is cool
 Up next is a sweet Porsche 914 that I parked next to this afternoon.

 It's definitely a sharp ride, both inside...
 ...and out:
Not considering the much-higher value of the Bus, I'd rather have the Porsche in my garage. Which German air-cooled VW (or glorified VW) would you prefer?