Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vintage Green Lake Postcard

I'm really surprised, but it's been over five months since I last posted a vintage Green Lake postcard up here. Odd, as I have more vintage Green Lake postcards than postcards from all other locales combined.
This one has always stumped me. It's a real photo postcard - the photographer had the image developed onto paper backed with a postcard template. What's stumped me is where exactly this lake house is/was situated on Green Lake. It's listed as "Fern Bank, Green Lake, Wisconsin". Googling shows no indication of "Fern Bank", nor does my A Heritage History of Beautiful Green Lake Wisconsin. Oh well, I still think it's cool. And I bet the home, if still standing, is even cooler.

On the back:
Postmarked Dec 23, 7:30 PM, 1938, Milwaukee, Wis.

"A Merry Xmas & A happy New Year to All

Your note bore a St. Louis post mark. Are you near there. I spent the (??) vacation attending the Nat'l Euq. Council at your HOtel Jefferson in St. L. You and family sound interesting. We are happier than ever all the time!! Yes, I mean it. May (?) & H."

Addressed to:
Mrs William Cotters
120 W. Jackson
Webster Groves

Looks like a home stills stands on the property. However, I wasn't able to get a better pic of it.
Unfortunately the limited search I did found no records online for the recipient.

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