Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Down on the Street

Riding over to my friend Graham's house on Sunday, i spied this rugged chunk o' American iron in his neighborhood.
It's a Willys Jeep Wagon, arguably the first sport utility model produced. Designed by industrial design master Brooks Stevens and in production from 1946 - 1965, the Jeep Wagon (like the IH Scout posted a couple of weeks back) is a great example of a truck that is simply a truck. No soccer-mom "crossover" baubles like carpeting and, uh, windshield wipers. This is a man's truck.
Simple and sturdy. Bend a tie rod? Just bend it back, alignment-be-damned.

The fabric rear window is great for hauling longboards around. Just pop six snaps and throw your board in.
And just check out these minimal taillights:
Getting the job done for 45+ years. What more do you need?

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