Monday, November 16, 2009

I Didn't Know I Needed This

Straight outta Verona, Wisconsin (via eBay) is this sweet 1915 American-LaFrance Speedster Racer.
It supposedly started out it's life 94 years ago as a small short-chassis chemical fire truck before it's conversion to a racer sometime along the line - complete with a massive 14.5 liter straight six motor.
That's 2.41 liters of displacment per cylinder. Power is then sent from the transmission to two-wheel chain drive. Oh, and it has brakes - only on the rear axle.
By far one of the most epically bad-ass race cars ever made. Let's go along for a ride...

If only I had a spare $50k - this beast would make one fine daily driver. Road trip anyone?

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