Friday, August 21, 2009

Wisconsin Wear

When the family moved to Monona, we were mildly amused by the Wisconsin Active Sportswear shop located in Monona.

With "Active Sportswear" being two thirds of the name, we expected to find outdoor wear - like stuff from Patagonia, The North Face and such. Instead we found a sea of Badger red and Packer Gold & Green. You can't even buy a Brewers hat there.

While I never ended up purchasing anything from W.A.S. (Rutabaga, being in the same vicinity, was more our style), I did end up buying some Wisconsin-related garb from Sconnie Nation prior to leaving. Browsing their site this evening, I found these new gems...

an Illinois version would be even better

and finally one I think I'm going to have to order...

Good stuff!

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Doubledrumlin said...

we found W.A.S. also shortly after we moved there and had the same WTF moment. We started calling it Wisconsin Passive Fanwear.