Sunday, August 2, 2009

California Curiosity - Critters!

So I was reaching into the modern caveman TV set the other night, preparing to fire it up for my parents to enjoy (and for Celeste to roast marshmallows on) when my hand became encased in the strongest and stickiest spider web that I have ever encountered.

Knowing that this was not a "normal" spider web, I decided to take a second look. When opening the access door my eyes caught a black critter running down the side of the tank. Pulling the tank out of the base I came across this beauty.

Why it's a mature female Latrodectus hesperus*, better known as a Western black widow spider guarding her small clutch of eggs. I was able to snap a few shots of her while also acting like a 10 year old boy and poking near her with a stick. She didn't budge. With the black widow being the most venomous spider in the US, sadly I had to exterminate the little girl and remove the egg sac.

*Latin name listed for the benefit of Canoelover.

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