Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Electra Catalog Photo Shoot

Okay, I know I'm very fortunate career-wise. Fortunate to have a great job in a great industry with great people. Fortunate that I get to travel to interesting places. One of the interesting places I was able to see this summer was a salt flat about an hour east of Barstow, CA.

The site was chosen to give the photos an ethereal, dream-like quality. The beautiful colors of the bikes look fantastic shooting against such a stark background. Plus the surface is like a giant sweep.

We drove up the Sunday night before the shoot, staying at the very old-school Ludlow Motel. Exactly what you'd expect in Ludlow, CA; which is to say not much more than a place to rest your road-worn body down for a little shut-eye.
the rental RV, poaching a spot out behind the Ludlow Motel

first light on the Ludlow Coffee Shop and an old service station
leaving Ludlow
I gotta get back and re-shoot this old building when I have time (and better light)

Our destination was just south of Amboy, CA - off of old Route 66.
nothin' much to see here

Ahh, on the salt...
This is the only time I have ever been able to ride blindfolded. The salt "pad" is a few square miles, hardpack and manicured from time to time. No need to worry about hitting anything larger than some salt heaves - about 2" tall. I went about two minutes riding at a decent clip on one of our cruisers with my eyes shut. Trippy.

The art director really liked this chair so we borrowed it from the motel.
Much to my chagrin, we returned it. I would have happily offered $20 for it.

static profile shots
from an action shot setup (the hipsters rode towards the camera)
my old Indy (also my favorite Electra cruiser)

The main purpose of the location is large evaporative pits for leeching chloride out of the dirt.
Pretty trippy, a coworker and I walked up to check these out in person. Since we had spent all day out in the sun, it looked rather refreshing. However, I've never experienced anything quite as salty as this water. Yep, I tasted it.
dive in?

All-in-all, a nice couple of days at the office. I can't wait to show off our new catalog.

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