Thursday, August 20, 2009

Summer Vacation - Day One

This past July the three of us decided to conquer a large part of one of the classic American roads - California Hwy 1. Our final destinations was our friends Don and Stacey in San Jose and then Bill and Kiera in Oakland. Plenty of camping was planned for the trip both up to and back from the Bay Area and we brought the Electras along for good measure.

To get to 1, we had to first traverse Orange County and then the LA area to get to Santa Monica - the southern terminus of this great route. No big deal, we left after the morning rush and planned on eating lunch along the coast.

picnic pull-over in Malibu - it's nice when your vehicle has a built-in picnic table

sand, glorious sand!

Hwy 1 just north of Malibu

Pismo Beach or San Louis Obispo was target for the first night of camping. We had a few different campgrounds on the list and were hoping for cancellations so that we could spend the night on the water. However the first couple of state beaches were full. Calling a private campground in the Pismo Beach area that offered hot springs sounded promising, until we actually pulled in lot and found about eight tent sites in an 80x160 gravel/dirt plot with zero privacy. Thankfully a half hour or so up the road we found a great, yet small, county campground outside of San Luis Obispo.
Electras like camping too

We were only offered one night camping at this place since their annual Renaissance Festival was happening that weekend at the park. No problem as we had planned to be on the road anyway. The "magicks" were definitely in the aire that nighte with plenty of Renaissane enthusiasts setting up camp for the weekend. For some reason I craved a turkey leg.
as previously mentioned on this lame blog, this is the summer of tree climbing for the grrrl

that night we went for a short ride on this narrow bike path. oops, I mean golf cart path

rock climbing is almost as fun as tree climbing

using the phone as a flashlight to view the small frog that lived in a crevice

We had a good night's rest with the three of us spread out in our four man tent - even though the camper in the neighboring site had her classic rock on a bit later than we would have desired. But what's camping without getting the Led out?

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