Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Vacation - San Jose

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit with Don and Stacey in San Jose (California's third-largest city). Surprisingly I didn't take a ton of pix while we were there - and the ones I did take were with my iPhone. L-A-M-E.

Here's their sweet new garage/toy storage/guest quarters and turf block driveway. Ironically their driveway is the only part of their property that they have sprinklers on.
Celeste and I went out one exploring the neighborhood one morning. Like a moth to a flame - or Sarah Palin to a monster truck rally - or she was drawn to the creek for some critter catching.
Nothin' here but a few waterbugs. Better luck next time.

We also wandered around downtown San Jose and, drawn, once again, like a batshit crazy person who likes to yell to a health care townhall meeting, Celeste found a way to get wet.
Celeste ended up thoroughly soaked (obviously), Don and I only slightly less, so we headed across the street to check out the awesomely-cool kinetic sculpture Science on a Roll outside of the San Jose Tech Museum.
Did a little drip-drying as we watched a dozen or so billiard balls roll through this Rube Goldberg-esque display of coolness.

Hit the gift shop briefly and then on to the San Jose Museum of Art.
or "fart star" as I like to call it

Don and Stacey graciously re-upped their membership and were able to get us in for free. Super cool as we had to be extremely frugal on this trip with mortgage and rent payments soaking up most of our free cash. A surprising find - an exhibit by American surrealist Todd Schorr.

Freaky, cool, spooky and highly detailed works here that your parents are bound to hate and are likely to provide ammo for some pretty surreal dreams.
"Clash of Holidays":

"Into the Valley of Finks and Weirdos":My personal favorite - "The Hydra of Madison Avenue":
And who can't resist a little simian art:


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The turf driveway freaked me out.

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