Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Old Stuff - Chequamegon 1993

My friend Don & I were successful in being able to register for the Chequamegon Fat Tire Festival in 1993 to participate in the 40 mile race. So we loaded up my little craptacular 3 cylinder Subaru Justy and headed up to Wisconsin's North Woods.

Don rented a quaint cabin on one of the many beautiful lakes in the Cable, WI area.
Taken the morning of the race, a little brisk (probably in the 40s). Nice Lund - just like the ones my grandparents had on Green Lake. But theirs had a 20HP Johnson.Getting prepped for the race. Dig Don's Allsop Softride Stem. Not shown - purple ano hardware.
Don & friend Lisa at the start. These were the days when it was acceptable to wear cotton while cycling. Wicking schmicking.
Yours truly with a mushroom-shaped Bell Image Pro lid. My bike has Don's old Softride stem (black/silver).
I have no idea on what my results were, but I do remember bonking badly about 15 miles into the 40 mile race. Some Powerbars and Gatorade got me going again. Sadly the Chequamegon's site only has results going back to 1997.
Afterwards there was Hamm's to be had. From the Land of Sky Blue Waters (waters...).
And go-karting.
And the po-po (Washburn County Sherrif). Luckily I got off with a written warning (I still have a copy of it in my photo album).
And Pez.

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