Wednesday, February 11, 2009

More Rewind

Scanner overload. Pix from the fateful night that my friend Don reintroduced me to Allie. Background - I knew Allie in college, but mainly because I had a thing for her friend Karen. Don became friends with Allie thru his cousin Carla. Carla was one of Allie's friends from high school and was also a distant cousin of Don.

Taken late Jan 1993, Second City's Rolling Meadows branch and a Baker's Square down the road. Just a bunch of suburban goofballs. Except Don, he's a true-blue Chicago kid.

Carla, Kim, Allie, me
I don't know why we were climbing the awning structure. Seemed like a good idea at the time. Kim and Allie have zombie eyes.
stickin' stuff on foreheads, fun!
cousin Carla
Don liked to eat. Still does.

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Dongoose said...

I think we all had a thing for Karen.