Sunday, November 6, 2011

Down On The Street

Yawn, another weekend ride, another semi-interesting air-cooled VW spotted on the streets of North County.

I'm really trying to filter my "car-dar" a bit and tune out the myriad of Beetles and Busses (especially the bay window variants), but there seem to be plenty of somewhat unique ones still on out and on the prowl. Like this straight single cab splitty:
Someone get a VW badge on that nose, STAT.
And not chrome, it should be painted the same primer red as the lower half of the body. This was spotted at Fletcher Cove Beach park. I'm sure the owner was lugging a longboard in the bed.
Nice pipe bumper too.
If it was mine, I'd have a mildly-built 1776 dual port/dual carb engine in back and some safari windows along with the aforementioned VW badge up front. But it's still cool as-is. Just keep changing the oil and adjusting the valves and it should be good-to-go for another 45+ years on the road.

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