Monday, November 14, 2011

One That Got Away

Perusing Craigslist for Miata parts last week, I came across this listing:

Okay, so someone had totaled their Miata. What did I see here that I liked? Hardtop + limited-slip rear differential. These parts generally sell for $750 and $600 respectively. I'd like to have both for my own car, but neither were high on the priority list, but if I could get both for a song and have a complete car to pull and sell parts from, why not? I'd also pull the A/C bits for possible future install on my car and the brakes and power steering rack for my friend Keith's project three-wheeled car. Other goodies included Bilstein shocks (at least three were good) and a few small trim bits that I could swap out with my car's parts.

I had negotiated the price down to $1300, on the condition that the seller accept $1100 cash at pickup and the remaining $200 once he received the salvage title from his insurance company. Unfortunately (or fortunately for my garage), someone else snatched it up the day after I saw it, paying full price. Oh well.

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