Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day Dad

Some scanned slides from his tour in Vietnam.
A "hooch":

Medevac, picking up soldiers that were injured after their truck hit a land mine:
Piloting a trusty Sikorsky H-34:

Hooch maid, washing clothes with Tide detergent:

Aboard the USS Okinawa
Okinawa helm:

Nearby Quonset hut, after being shelled.

Mom and Dad, Pensacola, FL

His squadron, HMM-362, Ugly Angels

Thanks for your service Dad.


Anonymous said...

Dad loved it. Thanks for remembering

emily b said...

Great photos. You have your dad's eyes (and eyebrows!). Hope you're well!

Anonymous said...

What a nice tribute! Please tell you dad thanks for his service in Vietnam and Semper Fi!