Monday, October 10, 2011

Autumn Getaway pt 1: S.F., Santa Rosa & Hendy Woods

Since Celeste is being home-schooled this year, we took the opportunity of a relatively-free schedule and did a little autumn camping road trip. Some random pics...

The Five, just north of The Grapevine:
Early Splitty:
Roasting ghost Peeps® at Don and Stacy's:
California Academy of Sciences:
Bob Mould closing his set with Celebrated Summer at the (free) Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Festival in Golden Gate Park:

Hendy Woods State Park camping cabin.
Useful and well worth the $15 premium as it was pouring rain when we arrived after sunset. Just like sleeping in a garden shed.

Redwoods line CA Hwy 128:
and through the windshield:
Santa Rosa and a mustached conductor Snoopy sculpture:
She's wearing the shirt I bought her six years ago at the Schulz gift shop in Santa Rosa. It finally fits.

Charles M. Schulz Museum:
I guess this is the men's room:
Banana slugs at the entrance to Russian Gulch State Park:
Photographing the slugs:
Fat tires indeed:
Rain on the van:
more to come...