Saturday, October 16, 2010

Down On The Street

I came across this ruby red gem while walking the dog this morning. Parked just a few doors down from our home, it's one of the cars I'll own before I'm dead.

"Regular" P1800s are pretty cool too, but they don't have the super-cool shooting brake form. And being the "long-roof" wagon/van dork that I am, I greatly prefer the ES.
Just check out the length of the hood - proportionally anyway.
Hard for me to find a bad angle on this rig. About the only thing I'm not a fan of are the US-spec bumpers, protruding too far off the front.
If it was my car, I'd see about replacing with some Euro-style brackets to snug the bumper nice and tight with the body work. Oh, and I'd put a set of silver Minilites on it too.
Such a simple and clean front end.
The back is not too shabby either. In fact, the rear window on Volvo's current C30 coupe borrows heavily from the window design.

It also has one of the coolest hood ornaments:
As well as vestigial tail fins.
Not all too surprising considering that the body was styled in the late-1950s.

On a side note, the Volvo "Amazon" I posted back in July is still parked a mile or so from the home, still for sale. I'd love to have a Swedish brick in the garage. Hmm...

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Doubledrumlin said...

Heh...when I was in High School, we had a paperboy who delivered in one of these. It WAS Lake Forest after all!