Sunday, October 31, 2010

Clear Skies, Dry Trails

After Saturday morning's rainstorm blew over (we're ready for our summer now, mmkay?), the skies cleared and provided some impeccable views from atop the hill at my favorite local mountain bike trail.
It's somewhat hard to see from this pic, but Santa Catalina Island, about 40 miles away as the crow flies, was visible on the horizon. Even San Clemente Island, 50 miles away, was visible to the naked eye (if not the tiny iPhone lens).
The trails themselves were absolutely perfect. Only a couple of small areas of mud and zero dust. Borderline-Velcro traction, thanks in part to the tubeless Continental tires. Beautiful Moab-like red dirt surrounded by a carpet of verdant green grass shoots. Too bad this little guy didn't have a good day.
First time I've come across a tarantula at these trails, looks like this guy might have been squished by an errant bike.

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