Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Down On The Street

Taking Juno to the dog beach at Carlsbad's Aqua Hedionda over the long weekend, I came across this gem sitting on a residential street.
Why it's a handsome and humble Volvo 122S, aka "Amazon".
Simple, stout and with legendary durability, this 46 year old car will likely still be on the road 46 years from now, provided gasoline is still being sold and that it doesn't get t-boned by some other car in the coming years.
This badge proclaims what's sitting under the hood to the world. One Volvo B18 engine powers a Volvo P1800 with over 2,500,000 miles on it. Or nearly 100 trips around the globe at the equator.

Speaking of badges, here's what's decorating the front fenders:
I bet this was designed by a guy named Sven with a high quality pencil and some vellum.
As much as I'm a sucker for period-correct Panasport Minilite wheels, if this Amazon was mine, I don't think I'd swap out the simple wheel covers. Well, maybe I would pick up a set to dress this three box car up. But the V-caps would stick around.
Let's check out the interior:
Purposeful and with a truck-like gear lever sprouting from the transmission hump.
Red vinyl and a Mexican blanket? Sweet combo!
Look closely and you'll notice a for sale sign.
Interested? The obscured area code is 858.
I'll take it!


Unknown said...

Did you check the price?

Green Laker said...

With Celeste in braces and a pending move later this summer (landlord is selling the house), there is no $, time or space for toys.

Doubledrumlin said...

Ooh ooh...a guy I used to work with at the GT Longmont shop used to have one EXACTLY like that. Same color and everything. He later bought my MkII Golf as a DD after someone hit his Volvo and he was repairing it. VERY nice.