Friday, July 2, 2010

Dragonfly For Darren

When giving the Electra truck and trailer a pre-drive check yesterday morning, I came across this little critter, hanging out by the one of the trailer's rear wheels.
A very cool, very large dragonfly. According to one of our warehouse guys ("Fast Dan" - we used to have a "Slow Dan", but he was fired), it had been flying around "as if it was on crack" when he arrived for work about 20 minutes prior. I'm wondering if it smacked off the trailer.
For a dragonfly, it was pretty large. But since it may have been injured, it remained motionless long enough for me to snap a few pix.
I knew my buddy Darren "Canoelover" and odonata lover would be quick to ID it. Sure enough, his response followed the posting of this last pic to the Electra Facebook page.
Thanks for the ID, Darren!

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